The world of Alpine Cycle Touring

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Over the pass...
In old days, they built a small sign of reverence at the top of mountain or pass route.
The city life keep us away from the mind of awe to the nature, however, when we achieve
and stand there with own sweat and effort, we know, we feel that God beside us ...

Welcome to the world of Alpine Cycle Touring.

You will find an enthusiastic joy of the bike riding in here. This site introduces and invites
you to the high altitude mountain routes with on-road bike in Japan, such as ;

Shinsyu area (Nagano prefecture), Mt. Norikura, Mt. Yatsugatake etc.
Yamanashi prefecture, Mt. Fuji
Okutama area, west of Tokyo metropolitan
also the travel reports of the European Alps. After long, stoical, anoxia hill climbing, you may
be aware in brightness, freedom and accomplishment with keen senses. Here we go !

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* News *

Selected photo works
Are you going with me?
Route Guide
Alpine routes for road bikes in Japan

Touring Reports
Photo reports in Norikura, Mt. Fuji, Kirigamine, ...and European Alps

Travelling in Japan
Transporting by trains in Japan... how to do it ?

My bikes
Arrangements to a racing bike for the alpine cycle touring

Flowers in mountain
Alpine Flower Garden
A collection of the wild flowers and the alpine flowers that encourages you from the roadside.
- Wild flowers in the mountain

- Alpine flora in Japan

- Alpine flora in the Alps

Roadside garden
The country view with flowers in Shinsyu, Mt. Fuji and Tokyo.

- Spring in Shinsyu area

- Spring in Mt. Fuji

- Spring in Okutama, Tokyo

Miscellaneous stuffs :-)
Something goods
My recommended good eating, let's try it !

Photo gallery: RAIL
Trains running in the mountain, at Japanese Alps and Europe Alps

Photo gallery: Animals
Our friends in the mountain, wild and natural creatures

Photo gallery: Norikura-Kogen Onsen Youth hostel
One of the my places, with Onsen (Japanese hot spa) and Beer

Photo gallery: Shirakabako Youth hostel
One of the other my places, with good days at the lakeside

Cycle shop SASAJIMA
An introduction of the well skilled shop for MTB and Road bike riders, at Higashi-murayama city, Tokyo.

Profile of the guide


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safety riding.


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